seity: a quality peculiar to oneself; individuality




Welcome to Seity Design. Discover what your space can be.

Let me help you design your space and your life to bring the utmost contentment, productivity, and passion to your journey. My process is built on a foundation of research combined with your personal style and bringing to light the qualities unique to you. 

Seity Design; The individualized experience, in life and living, for an individual as unique as you.


The Designer.

I discovered I loved decorating in graduate school. I had just purchased my first townhome and set upon an intensive DIY renovation. I didn’t have much as a student, but I managed to scrape together decorations that spoke to me. When finished, I realized I loved to just sit in the various rooms and be still. Why? Because my surroundings brought me such peace and contentment that all I wanted for lengths of time was to completely absorb-and be adsorbed by-the space that I was in.

This is the feeling I want to infuse into every room and space that I can. A sense of belonging, a sense of ownership and peace, and sense of authenticity and individuality. Ipseity.

The Coach

I approach my clients with questions and empathy. Having a background in the working of the brain together with my life experiences and own coaching and life training, allows me to offer indelible direction and mental shifting. In the realm of messing up–both with growth outcome and in failure–I’m a repeat offender. This is one of the most authentic reasons I am able to provide sincere and well-researched coaching. I work to align your physical living with your mental place by working with you to understand your values, goals, and desires. In doing this, we can not only create the home you want to be welcomed into, but the mind and body you feel confident and proud of as well.

*Not currently accepting clients*

The Scientist


As both a musician and a scientist, it felt natural to pursue an education in cognitive neuroscience to understand why we are moved by music, sometimes to our core. My goal was to understand how the brain processes rhythms and tones and the way they affect our emotions…ultimately to use it as a therapy. In my blog you will sometimes see snippets of theories I have studied or am pursuing and my publishings here. Feel free to ask me anything!